Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Breadth of My Need

I really like a particular line in "Front Porch": "When I stepped up, I found a wide swing / the breadth of my need" (Harris 6).  I thought about ways in which my needs have been exactly accommodated.

1. Getting a job I love a week after losing a job I hate.

2. A book I really wanted that I purchased before checking my money and had the exact amount for to the cent!

3. When my mom calls and asks me if I want to come home for dinner when I happen to be starving and bored.

4. Being called to watch someone's kid when I am broke and have no idea how I'm going to get more money.
5. Being contacted by five friends I haven't heard from in months on the same day, a day I'm depressed.

6. Being led to an ad which points you to a person who has some information you later get a book on and in that book you're pointed to a website which has something else you need to know . . .

7. An apartment I had once with a wide front porch overlooking a telephone wire-free corn field framed by fruit trees and bushes, where the wind was soft and I could smell the lake.

8. When I went to college and enrolled in a Creative Writing certificate program despite discouragement from counselors there and during my first semester a Creative Writing degree was proposed and approved the next semester.  I ended up being the first one to graduate from it.

9. When I uncharacteristically suddenly left a gorge and five minutes later a kid died from hitting his head during a jump.  I was spared from the trauma of witnessing it.

10. When I rescued an amazing little kitty during a nasty break up, refocusing by necessity.   

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